Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How'd Opening Night Go? Let Charlie Davenport Tell You...

We opened last night--couldn't have asked for a better opening show! The crowd was fantastic! We got all our lines (well, 99% of them...), and no props fell. And to explain just how great did it go last night? I'll let my own lines tell the tale:

"Holy Toledo! I've never heard an audience whoop it up like that!"

"Course she looks all ratty now, but once we get her cleaned up and dressed proper--"

"I tell you, that girl's worth a million bucks!"

"That poster's terrific, ain't it?"

"This is great, Annie. Just great. Come on, B.B., we gotta send a lot of telegrams to the newspapers."

"All right, everyone--time to get ready for the show. Move it!"

"Tell the truth for a change, Dolly!"

"There's no business like show business!"

That's pretty much how the opening went, give or take a little. And, if you'd like to see the show, we're performing tonight, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and next Monday. Better hurry! Annie's getting her gun!


  1. I probably told you that I played Charlie Davenport in this production in 1995. It was with the teenage school at old Pages Lane Theater. It was a challenging role for me because my voice was changing and I couldn't hit a lot of the notes- I had to talk a lot of the parts and I was too insecure to do that comfortably. Your post took me back to those days. It was a fun time for me. I even remember reciting some of these lines!

    1. Yes, I did know that you played the part. It's a great part. The sheer number of lines was daunting, but I'm having a good time now!