Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alyson Grauer's "On The Isle Of Sound And Wonder"...A Book Bomb

Sometimes getting a book published that you wrote isn't the best feeling in the world. Tomorrow my publishing family is seeking help for one of our own.

We're having a book bomb. Those of us at Xchyler are promoting Alyson Grauer's book, On the Isle of Sound and Wonder as a show of support for Alyson's dad who is fighting the good fight. You can get more information about this: HERE.

I know there's a lot of requests for this cause or that cause, and I suppose this one could be just another one of many to you. But to us at Xchyler, it means a little bit more. That happens when you know those involved personally and feel for them as friends and colleagues do.

It's been almost eight years since we lost my mom to cancer, and when my father passed away from the same thing, the internet as we know it was decades away. We didn't have this type of fundraising option back then. Everyone knows the Information Superhighway can be used for both good and bad. It can showcase the very best in humanity as well as the very worst. I applaud its use in something like this, something that can bring people together from literally around the world to help someone else.

If you have a chance tomorrow, click: HERE and pick up the e-book, or hardcover or paperback. You'll be doing more than just buying a great book. You'll be helping out a friend.

Remember, sometimes having your book published or seeing it on a shelf in a library or bookstore isn't the most important thing. When you really think about it, the most important things are always the people in our lives.

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