Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Let Go...The Movie Is Coming!

Do you have a friend who you trust? I trust most, if not all my friends (that's why they're my friends...). Having a friend who is, say, an auto mechanic--again, someone you can trust--can literally save you thousands of dollars and endless headaches.

Trusted friends can be lifesavers, or they can make your day just a little bit better. Since I've gotten to know a lot of authors, I love being able to read and recommend what they've written. And even if I've not read their books, I trust them based on past experience with them, or from something of theirs that I have read.

So, believe me when I tell you that I expect nothing but great things when the movie Just Let Go is released later this year, and I can write this with confidence because two of my friends are involved in this project. 

Years ago I entered a little screenwriting contest and against all odds (if you're interested, I'll tell you more about it sometime...), my story won. I was assigned to a director and a cinematographer and we made the film. It went on to win several awards and working with these two extremely talented filmmakers gave me the confidence that I might just be a writer after all.

Those two men, C. S. Clark and Patrick H. Parker have moved on from shorts and inspirational messages to full-length feature films. Just Let Go is their first, first in hopefully a long line of films. And I know it's going to be amazing because I've seen what they did with my flawed little screenplay and the desire and drive they have to make impactful films that deliver messages that will change people's lives.

Between now on the film's planned release date of October 9, 2015, I will be trying to get the word out for this film. Please help me by watching the YouTube trailer, following on Instagram, Liking on Facebook and tweeting the information using hashtags #JustLetGoMovie and #JustLetGo to as many people as possible. Pre-screening opportunities for those following the movie on social sites will be available. Details on this will be forthcoming. 

Watch the YouTube video: HERE!
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And visit the official movie website: HERE!

It's already an amazing story. Now watch it come to life and see how one man's decision to forgive changed the lives of so many and will have ramifications for generations to come. 

Just Let coming!

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  1. SUCH a powerful story! I can't wait to see it played out on the big screen! Thank you so much for letting me know about this.