Sunday, March 1, 2015

1500...And Counting

If you scroll down on the right side of this webpage you will see dates. Blogger has a handy function where you can easily access every blog post ever written for a particular blog. Each year has a number--the number of blog posts written that year. Click on the year and you get a similar breakdown of posts written in a given month.

Looking at those years and numbers, it was exactly 1500 days since I started my blog. 1500 stories or book reviews or posts about adventures or random thoughts or profiles of family, friends and neighbors. 1500 times I opened the blog and hit the "New Post" button in the upper right hand corner.

I remember when I first began posting in the blog I would highlight certain milestones, first month of daily writing, first 50K then 100K in page views, stuff like that. I've kind of forgotten about the highlights (although I do sometimes keep track of how many times the blog is viewed...). Today, however, I happened to look at the number of posts I've written. It came to 1499, which means this one is number 1500.

Of course, there's times when I've wanted to stop. One of my goals when I started the blog was to write everyday. This I've done, but maybe at the expense of other writing I've wanted to do. Then again, if I didn't have the blog, who's to say I would have written anything at all on some of those days?

For now, I'll keep at it, keep wearing the letters off the keyboard on my Mac. It's been just over four years since I started. It's going to be fun to see how many more I'll be able to do.

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