Wednesday, March 18, 2015

That's The Night When The Lights Went Out In...Centerville

I arrived at the theater early, which I'm wont to do so it's not entirely strange to see an unlit hall leading to the dressing rooms. What I did find weird is that my numerous attempts to turn on the light failed. I mean, it's not that complicated, even though it's different from the switch I have at home. I can figure this out! Little kids are turning on and off the lights all the time at the theater.

I must have tried that switch a half dozen times when I heard voices at the end of the hall where it was even darker.

"I guess the power's out," I said to the first person I met. Why is it we do (and say...) some seriously stupid things when the power goes out, like try to turn on a light switch?

As more and more of the cast arrived, each were informed of the situation. We prepared to do a show anyway because we had no idea if and/or when the power would return. Many put on make up in the foyer where sunlight still shown through or by flashlight in the dressing rooms. I set out all my props and costumes--I even put on my mic, but as the minutes ticked down, it became evident there would be no show, especially when we checked the power company's website via our phones and the estimated time to have the power back on was hours away.

At 7pm the cast and crew gathered in the green room. We heard the news officially that the show had been canceled and we began to put everything away. I felt bad for the people who were pulling up to the theater and for my friend and neighbor who volunteered to usher for the show. She and the other volunteers would be the ones telling everyone there'd be no show. I'm sure the theater will do everything it can to reimburse the patrons or provide them a ticket to another show. I've had class canceled due to a power outage, work canceled, even dinner canceled (temporarily...). But last Monday was the first time I've ever been involved in a show that could not go on due to a lack of power. Let's pray it doesn't happen again.

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