Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Every Blooming Thing...

You can't see it, with the naked eye--pollen. Well, maybe you can, but at this time of year, there's a good chance I can't.

Because I can't see much at all!

Where I live, people scream bloody murder when the the air gets thick with smog. They even announce on the local news that the air quality is bad, so bad, in fact, that they issue air warnings. They pressure us to not drive our cars, and they're almost willing to put in jail anyone who lights a fire in their fireplace.

Yet, when pollen is so thick it you can taste it when you breath in, there's no warnings. There's no "Avoid Beautifying Your Yard With Trees That Explode With Pollen" warnings in the news.


Those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies have to just suck it up (literally...) and deal with it.

Now, I admit, seeing a tree in full bloom during those months of spring is a beautiful thing, but for me, I see (or don't see...) things differently. I have so many friends who love spring--can't wait for winter to end and spring to begin. I mean, what good is warmer weather if you can't breath, when your nose is constantly running and your eyes are burning and watering to the point where you can't see? For me, not very much.

And when I'm outside, every blooming thing is...well, blooming.

I know I only have a few more weeks and it will pass. I've only experienced fifty of these springs in my life so I know. The trees will finish their mating cycle and I'll begin to feel "normal" again. 

At least, until the next allergy season begins...in the fall.

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