Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leishman Performance Hall's..."Barefoot In The Park"

Years ago when it was announced that the community next to ours was getting a new theater, many of us were excited at the news. It became even better news when we found out a small, black box theater would also be part of the theater complex. Another stage means more productions.

At the time the budget did not call for the black box theater to be completed. From what I understand, they didn't have enough money to finish it, but as it turned out, when construction began, the economy tanked which meant they were able to build the theater cheaper than originally planned. This translated into several upgrades to the building, like an elevated stage in the main theater, and a performance-ready black box.

Last night I got to see my first show in that theater.

What a fantastic experience!

The leads were so, so good! I had never seen the play before, but it's Neil Simon--the guy's got a proven track record. The set was sparse, but charming--1960s style. I LOVED the coffee table! And being basically inches away from the actors at times (we sat on the front row...) made the show that much better! Of course, being that close, I wondered if any of the actors--especially when portraying drunk characters--would tumble off the front stairs and land in the audience.

Usually when I highlight a book or a show, I recommend you read or see it, if possible. Unfortunately for you, we saw the run's final production. However, if you get a chance to see any of these performers in a show, I'm sure they'll be great!

Wonderful show! Wonderful time!

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