Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some Of Our Most Important Buildings...In Lego

"Have you heard about that Lego display at the mall? It's still going on this weekend. Would you like to do that?"

"Yeah--that'd be fun! I've got the matinee so I should be home around 5-ish." I thought. You know, around 6pm there shouldn't be a lot of people at the mall. People will be finishing eating and then headed to see a movie. I'll bet there won't be very many people at the mall at all, I thought.

I was pretty much wrong.

The place was packed! And for good reason. The Lego displays of important buildings in America's history was pretty darn cool! I snapped a lot of pictures. We ended up staying an hour or so and the mall had a lot fewer people when we left. I guess all the kids had gotten to their movies by then.

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