Monday, March 9, 2015

Paul Genesse...POLAIK Without Guile

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you’re instantly impressed by the way they treat you—like you’re not a stranger, but a friend they haven’t yet met? And when you talk to others about the same person and they had the same experience when they first met him or her?

When that happens you know you’ve met a special individual, someone who can make you feel good about yourself and others. I’ve highlighted a lot of people with these POLAIK posts (Profile Of Local Authors/Artists I Know…), but when it comes to someone who can do what I’ve described above, there’s no one better than Paul Genesse.

Back at the very first Comic Con in Salt Lake (I keep referencing that event, but it’s where I first got to know many of these authors and artists…), I felt I was in over my head—big time! Here I was, two short stories published with a small press publisher and I was on panels with New York Times Best Selling authors. I was overwhelmed. I even researched everyone else on my panels, which made me feel even smaller. But, I decided once I got there that I was going to do everything I could to make those patrons who had paid good money to attend have a good time.

One panel in which I was especially nervous was my panel on steampunk writing. My first published success was a short steampunk story. That’s where I first met Paul. He was fully decked out in steampunk accessories and he made me feel, not just included in the discussion, but a valuable voice the entire room needed to hear. I will always appreciate him for that.

The Golden Cord (The Iron Dragon, #1)The Crimson Pact Volume One (The Crimson Pact #1)The Pirate Witch

 Paul writes fantasy. He’s an author and editor and even film producer (watch his book trailer: HERE). He works full-time in the healthcare industry and somehow finds time to write. And, he even ran track in high school. That bumps his coolness level to 11!

I've read one of Paul's stories, The Pirate Witch. It was a short story and I loved it! I need to read his Iron Dragon Series because I know I'll find great writing and a kick-butt story. Please take time to visit his blog: HERE. If you ever get a chance to meet Paul in person, introduce yourself. He'll make you feel like you're a friend he has yet to meet—I promise.

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  1. Paul is the man. Read his books. He is just a wonderful human being.