Monday, March 16, 2015

POLAIK With An Artistic Flair...Simon Winegar

Part of what's amazing about being involved in a project is the people you meet, be it a volunteer project, community theater, educational opportunities. Whenever you get the chance to leave your house and interact with others, there's a chance you'll get to know those with whom you interact. I've been fortunate enough to be in several plays over the years. During the latest show in which I'm involved, Shrek, I got to know a fellow cast member for the first time, and it's because it's his first show.

Simon Winegar, my next POLAIK (Profile Of Local Authors/Artists I Know...), is an artist--painter to be precise. And he's good! You can check out his art at his website: HERE. My brother's major was art. I remember seeing many a painting done by him going back all the way through jr. high school.

I think being an artist would be a tough gig. Tough, but--I hope--fulfilling. I think many people imagine  what life would be like if they did something else. For example, I would love to try making a living as a full-time writer. Of course, I don't want it enough to quit my job and do it, at least, not right now. That's the difference between Simon (and other artists...) and myself. He's doing art full-time. We look at him and think it would be cool to do what he's doing--if we have the talent, that is.

But in talking to him the other day, the jobs many of us have--sitting in a cubicle all day, steady paycheck, even covered insurance--can be quite appealing at times to people such as Simon. Ever wonder why art can be so expensive? If you consider not many people have the talent to do what they do, or the patience to learn what they do or the confidence (or blind faith...) to do what they do, the cost of high-quality art is very reasonable.

I'm so glad Simon decided to do a show. If he hadn't, I would not have gotten to know him as a person, let alone an artists. When I see his work, I see more than a beautiful rendering. I see his personality in the colors, in the brush strokes. In the art. 

A few weeks ago while the other cast rehearsed on stage, I snapped a picture of Simon sketching. It reminded me of my youth as I watched a blank piece of paper being transformed by my brother's amazing talent. I am in awe of those that can and do.

He's also a good man and a darn good actor, too!

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