Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Day Of Driving...And Driving...And Driving

Sometime between getting my license and now I've turned into a non-driver. It's not that I dislike driving--I don't, but things have changed since the days of carefree driving when I drove everywhere, anytime.

The biggest reason I don't do a lot of driving is because my work pays for a bus/train pass and there are so many advantages--at least in my opinion--to taking the bus to and from work. First, someone else has to deal with the crazy traffic. Plus, there's an hour of time each day where I can do some reading with an actual book. I've gotten through so many books this last year. It's convenient--the bus drops me off right at my building and I save a ton of money in gas and wear and tear on my car.

But today, I had to drive to work so I could get home early. I drove to work and arrived at 6am. Ten hours later I left and drove home. I then drove the family to Clearfield so I could hear a speech my son gave after graduating from his class. My daughter had a rehearsal tonight so after my son's speech and before all the speeches were done she and I drove to Centerville and I dropped her off. After that I drove to Clinton to where my family and the other speech-giver's families gathered for pizza. Once we were done eating and chatting we drove home and to top off the day, I drove and picked up my daughter after her rehearsal was over.

I snapped a couple of pictures as I was out and about. I was fully stopped at stop lights when I took them, so don't worry. I took a picture of a VW van because it was being towed--something very familiar to vintage VW owners. And the dog, well, I snapped a picture of it because of the adorable factor.

The best part of spending a day behind the wheel is getting home and knowing you won't have to go anywhere else for the day. That's a good feeling.

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