Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Lily Drone...An Amazing Idea!

Yesterday I saw a news story about a new drone.

And I think it's going to change everything!

Okay, maybe not everything, but if you're interested in action photography (and drones...), then this really is a game-changer.

A few years ago my friend Dan bought a business. He took over a company that put on triathlons and he asked me to help him out by taking pictures and videos for him. I had a blast shooting the events and making promotional videos for him and his company.

Since I'm a dreamer, I dreamt of the day when I could get bigger and better equipment. I thought how cool it would be if I could afford one of those big drones that carried a GoPro camera. With that gear I could really go to town and do some amazing stuff!

When I saw the video of this new camera drone (you can access the YouTube video: HERE) I realized something--Lily would have made all that expensive gear obsolete, at least for some things. An athlete could just wear the tracking device and the thing would follow him/her around, shoot incredible video, or stills, and no one else would be needed.

Of course, it's not perfect. It only flies for twenty minutes so a triathlete would need someone else to take care of the camera for him/her. It does have its limitations, but from what I can see, its advantages greatly outnumber those limitations.

So, the Lily Drone has arrived. I think we'll be seeing a lot of these things buzzing overhead in the not so distant future. And that future's going to be SO COOL!

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