Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Do I Hate Yard Work...When I Enjoy Nurseries So Much?

My wife asked if I wanted to go to Joe's Greenhouse this morning after we had already spend a lot of time in the yard (she spending more time than me...). I said, "Sure." I really do like greenhouses and nurseries. I like the smell of a greenhouse, the flowers, the plants and the dirt. Plus, it's always fun to talk to my good friend Wayne who runs the place, even though it's called "Joe's Greenhouse" in honor of Wayne's father-in-law.

Maybe it's because I worked in a couple of nurseries in my life. My first job was in a greenhouse--Miller Floral in Farmington, Utah. That place has been gone for decades. Then I worked at Pineae Greenhouse on two separate occasions. I also worked a spring for Lagoon's garden's crew.

I brought along my camera and I think people thought I was crazy taking pictures of the plants and flowers. I even got a picture of a stack of empty pallets that Wayne asked me not to include on my blog, so you won't see it. But, why not take a quality camera into a greenhouse? The place is beautiful!

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