Saturday, May 30, 2015

For Sale: A 1982 Journey Concert Hat...Escape In Its Coolness!

I found another treasure while doing some spring cleaning yesterday, and it brought back a lot of memories. My 1982 Journey concert hat that I bought at a 1983 show. I admit the hat purchase was a little unusual. Most bought concert t-shirts. Heck, I probably bought a concert t-shirt, too. Back then the shirts were more expensive than the tickets, but we had to have those shirts. You might say we were stone in love with them. And the coolest thing about those shirts was wearing them to school the next day. Those of us clad in matching concert shirts welcomed each other with open arms--we were like a family complete with mother, father, but there were always those who acted like the kids.

The hat isn't much of a hat, as hats go. It's mesh in the back and that foam stuff in the front. It's dented, I'm sure because I just lay it down in some corner and forgot about it. I'm just wondering if there's anyone out there who would like to purchase this piece of pop culture--or, a hat with a symbol of 1980s pop culture on it.

I've never sold anything online. It's a billion-dollar business but I've never set up an Ebay account. I did list our van on KSL Classifieds, the huge online store in our area. We didn't sell the van online, but ended up trading it in on another car. Too bad someone didn't buy the car from the ad--we would have given them such a good deal. I mean, who's crying now? Yes, those who didn't buy it from us, that's who.

So, should I create an account and put the thing out there? I can't stop believin' that there's someone out there who is just dying to own an authentic 1982 Journey concert hat, embossed with the Steve Perry-singing and Steve Smith-drumming awesomeness emblem that represented a truly amazing American rock band--the Journey band of my youth, a hard rocking band who put on a great show. I remember it seemed they would keep on runnin even if they were dead or alive. They were a great band to watch live.

I also have the original concert ticket stub--I doubt anyone would want that, except me. I saw the band a few years ago sans Mr. Perry and Mr. Smith. They put on a great show, but I missed the old Journey and when I close my eyes I escape and imagine the musicians. I can see them in my mind and still they ride the guitar riffs, the drum solos, the magic they created on stage. Those were good times, indeed.

So, anyone want a hat?

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