Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paying The Price...For A Sunrise

Do sunrises have a cost? That might sound like a silly question, but I do believe they do. Maybe I think that way because for me, sunrises are not like sunsets. To catch a good sunset, all I have to do is be home. It takes work for me to see a beautiful sunrise.

I thought about this as I was trying to position my camera while on the third floor of my building yesterday morning. As anyone knows, when shooting something outside, it's difficult to eliminate reflections of interior lights and cubicle walls in the windows. I had to cram the lens against the glass. Then, due to recent wind storms mixed with rain, the windows outside were filthy. I was surprised these turned out so well, even though it didn't capture how amazing the morning sky was.

But why do I think sunrises cost something? First of all, you have to be up when sunrises hit. When I am awake during sunrises, I'm usually a work. When I'm not working, I usually sleep in and miss them. So I kind of pay by not being awake. 

Next, to get a good shot of the sun rising above the eastern mountains, I have to go somewhere. I'm very fortunate enough to have a wonderful vantage point to take pictures of sunsets. All I have to do is open the back door and start shooting. Sunrises...I'm not so lucky. Usually I'm either on the bus going to work or stuck in my building and there's the issues I discussed earlier.

If I didn't have to be at work in the morning and I enjoyed getting up before the sun, the price of a sunrise wouldn't be that high. I wish I was one of those people who liked getting up early and going for a run. That way I'd be able to snap pictures with my phone on those mornings when a beautiful sunrise can take my breath away. I guess I could do that now, but it would cost me. You see what I mean.

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