Monday, May 11, 2015

Leishman Performance Hall...A Great Little Space

Tonight I'm rehearsing for an upcoming show in the Leishman Performance Hall, named after Connie Leishman, a wonderful woman from an amazing family. Leishman Performance Hall is a black box theater in the Centerpoint Legacy Theatre complex.

It's a great little space.

A few months ago I saw my first show in the space and I loved it! No mics, close enough to the actors that, if it occurs, you can feel any errant spittle that flies from an actor's mouths. I know that's kind of disgusting, but when you're that close to the actors, you might as well be in the scene yourself.

We're rehearsing Harvey. We open a month from tomorrow and I have a great part--E.J. Loftgren, the cabbie that is only in the final five minutes of the show.

Having just finished a production of hundreds of costume pieces and scenery like you wouldn't believe, it's so refreshing to step into a space that's unassuming, simple, pure. Eventually the bare stage will be decorated to create the illusion of a humble home, a bar and a doctor's office, but there's something about an open stage where actors use their skill and imagination to create a world that comes to life in front of you.

This is my first show in this great little space. I can't wait for it to begin.

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