Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner...All At Work

Tonight I walked into the break room to get my third meal of the day--it was another reminder of just how long I had been at work. I should say that I am lucky. I work a regular day job and I'm fortunate enough to be able to work four ten-hour shifts. I've done this for years and even though a ten-hour shift can be long at times, it's not bad at all, especially considering nurses and doctors and people on-call work a heck of a lot longer shifts than I ever do.

But, today was still a long day. I usually eat breakfast at work. It's just easier. I take a half gallon of milk every week or so and a box of cereal. I'm set, so breakfast at work is no big deal.

Nor is lunch. I usually take lunch--leftovers, mostly. For me, leftovers are great because my wife is a killer cook (and by "killer," I don't mean "has killed" with her food...). Sometimes I'll indulge in a burrito from the taco cart, but mostly it's "bring it from home." Today some people on another floor had a fundraiser--two pieces of pizza and a can of pop for $5. I brought my lunch, but I decided I could save that until dinner, then I wouldn't have to go get fast food. Oh, and it was my boss's birthday so we had cupcakes...yum!

I usually don't eat dinner at work. In fact, in the almost eighteen years I've worked for the state, I don't think I've ever had dinner at work. I had a meeting at 7pm in Salt Lake so I just stayed at work. Leftover bacon, tomato, cheese and egg sandwich on sourdough bread was really good!

Like I said, I know many who spend entire days on one shift so they've hit for the food cycle several times before they can go home. It was a first for me.

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