Sunday, May 10, 2015

The $15 Tablet...

Even though we had done a ton of running around Thursday and Friday morning, I thought it would be fun to take yet another trip to our local thrift store. It had been a while since we last shopped there and I thought it would be fun for the kids.

Most of the time when we go to the thrift store, there's not much there but a lot of stuff someone else didn't want. Some might say EVERYTHING in that store is stuff that someone else didn't want. It's true, of course, but sometimes you'll find something that may be trash, but for many, isn't trash at all.

And that's where I found my tablet.

And it cost $15.

On more than one occasion I thought I found a treasure at the thrift store but when I got it home I found out it was a piece of junk. We got this thing working at the store (even though I had no idea what it was, being not familiar with the brand...). When I found out it was a book reader, I was sold. I've been thinking I would like to have an ebook reader for the bus. I have downloaded so many of my friend's books, but I never get a chance to read them. Opening my computer on the bus is awkward and it's very hard to read an ebook on my iPhone, even though I know many people do it.

I got it home and realized this particular ebook reader was on the early side of ebook technology. I really couldn't do anything with it at all. To make matters worse, it had Barns and Noble's reader on it. All my ebooks were on Kindle. It took several days and numerous google searches to find out how to get this thing to a point where I could use it. Today, I finally made the breakthrough and tonight I have downloaded on my little tablet many of my friends' books that I've been meaning to read.

It's slow and heavy, but it's paid for. Of course, if I had my choice, I'd get an iPad. Who knows? Maybe in 5-10 years there'll be a bunch of iPads waiting for new owners at the local thrift store. It could happen.

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