Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some Things I Learned Today...While I Wasn't Feeling Well

The cat woke me up less than five hours after I went to sleep. I did not go back to sleep after that. As I lay in my bed trying to fall back to sleep, I realized I did not feel so good. In fact, I felt pretty bad--the kind of bad where I'll get to have all the food you ate the day before make a return appearance. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but it could have on multiple occasions.

So as the morning progressed I turned on the TV to take my mind off of other things and as I watched, certain facts were learned.

I learned that I was glad I didn't go to the LDStorymakers Writing Symposium. I would have been sick so I wouldn't have gone and therefore, not gotten my money's worth.

I learned that when you're sick food commercials can be unpleasant to disgusting.

I learned that when food looks disgusting, the only thing you can ingest is liquids. I had three main ones today.

I learned that Xfinity's new DVR doesn't always show you an accurate representation of what shows or sports events are on. And because of this, I missed the Real Salt Lake soccer game that was held this afternoon. Just as well--they lost 4-1.

Speaking of sports, I learned that there is absolutely no reason why the lead up to one of the triple crown horse races should last four frickin' hours! Yes! That long! I don't know if the Super Bowl has that kind of a lead in. It probably does. I know some horse races are more important than others, but come on! There's NO reason for that!

I also learned I have a wonderful supportive family and that's the best thing you can have when you're sick. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better. I guess we'll find out.

And last but not least, I found out that even thought I didn't do anything I needed to do like finish my son's Pinewood Derby car or the laundry or do ANY writing, I had a subject to write about for this blog post.

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