Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alex Epstein's "The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels"...A Book Review

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels*

I've written a daily blog post for over four years and in all that time, I have not written very many political entries. There's a reason for that--there's obviously a lot to write about when it comes to politics. I don't write many political blog posts by choice. In truth, politics gets me down. Some believe politics is supposed to fix problems and some believe politics causes problems. And no matter how much screaming each side does, nothing seems to change--especially people's opinions.

That's one of the reasons I'm not too political on this blog. I know I could get a lot more followers and hits, but for me, it's not worth it.

So why am I reviewing a book about fossil fuels and climate change? Many would say that climate change has nothing to do with politics; that opinion itself is political. Ask people what they think of trade embargos or gun control laws in Australia and chances are people will be indifferent. But ask them about climate change and they'll have something to say.

Why am I reviewing this particular book? Because it's important. Once upon a time when people disagreed with each other, they debated facts. They did their research and saw if the evidence supported their beliefs. I think those days are gone, perhaps forever.

The book is exactly what the title suggests, a moral argument for the benefits of fossil fuels. The book is not stat-heavy with loads of information to bore and annoy. It's a look at how fossil fuels have benefited our planet and how the reduction of these energy sources will lead to the eradication of millions if not billions of people on the earth. You may disagree with his conclusions, but this is his opinion and he uses facts to support this theories.

The thing I especially enjoyed about the writing is that the author is a philosopher. He approaches the problem on philosophical grounds. Epstein argues that when it comes to the climate change issue people generally fall into two camps. Those who put the needs and wants of humans above that of the planet and those who choose nature, or an undisturbed natural environment over the wants and needs of humans. 

There is one big problem with this book. It's almost a waste of time for the author to have written it. Those who believe the claims of politicians, celebrities and scientists that climate change is the single biggest problem facing our planet will most likely never read it, and those who agree with Mr. Epstein who do read it will only have their opinions validated. But it is something everyone should read, everyone should at least be honest enough to ask themselves the questions and philosophical arguments contained within its pages. 

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