Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I'd Make A Terrible Critic...


This past weekend I wasn't feeling that hot so I spent a good deal of the time drinking a lot of liquids and watching a lot of TV. I watched some games and many movies. One of which was the Pixar classic, Ratatouille. A lot of people love Pixar movies and have their favorites. I think Ratatouille gets lost in the mix. I don't know many who say it's their favorite, Including me. It's not that I dislike it--I just like others more.

But one scene stood out for me when I watched it this time. It was the scene the critic pontificates on what it means--to him--to be a critic. For anyone who judges other's accomplishments, or have their work judged, you know what that experience can mean. 

I think there's a fine line a critic walks when they do their job. This seems strange because, shouldn't a critic (to adequately do their job...) just tell the truth? Shouldn't they tell us about what they think of the product, or the food, or the film or the music, play, piece of art? Yes, but telling the truth can get people in trouble because, well, let's face it--all art cannot be good to everyone. One could argue that it is art that's the real problem. It's so subjective--including artistic food creations--that for one person to declare something "good" or "bad" is a little unfair. 

Even so, critics are a part of our lives, especially if you're one who makes things. As I watched the Pixar movie I wondered if I would be a good critic and I had to admit that I would not. My problem is I like too many things. A few months ago I decided to write Profiles Of Local Actors/Artists I Know, or POLAIK. If you read any of those posts, there's some similarities in all those posts. I loved the author's/artist's works and I recommended everyone read/buy their work. I wasn't very critical. And when I see movies, I almost always enjoy them. Take Joss Whedon's, Avengers, Age of Ultron. I went the first weekend and LOVED the show! Days later everyone was telling everyone else what they thought. Most enjoyed it, but others HATED it! They ripped it, especially the lack of strong female superhero characters, or how Whedon treated the one female superhero in the show. Personally, I didn't see it. I just sat in the theater and had a great time.

No, I don't believe I'd make a good critic. I would hate to offend someone, which isn't really fair to those who want an honest opinion. Then again, I'd rather be a crappy critic and enjoy most things I experience. I can live with that.

* Photo used without permission from Pixar.


  1. I think even if you wouldn't make a good critic, you make a good friend. And that's MUCH more important in the grand scheme of things.

    1. Thanks SO much for your kind words, Jenn! And you are 100% correct! Take care.

  2. I think I'd make a great critic. Ouch!
    I love this article though. :)