Sunday, May 3, 2015

SOPIK...The Utah Jazz Dancers Edition

For those of you who don't know, SOPIK stands for Some Old Photos I've Kept. The next bundle of photos I looked through chronicled the time I worked for the Utah Jazz Dancers.

Yes. I really did.

It was 1992 and I had just graduated with my first degree in H.R.  My friend was given the assignment of putting together a jazz dance troupe for the newly constructed Delta Center and I asked her if she would like some help with H.R. She agreed and for two years I went to all the home games as a part of the Utah Jazz Dancers.

Now, for the record, I didn't have a lot to do and that was fine since it wasn't a paid gig, but I did get to see all the games on the floor with my access pass (sorry the pictures I took were not the greatest quality...). I watched some great battles, even one where Michael Jordan almost single-handedly beat the Jazz after being down double digits in the fourth quarter--if I'm remembering things correctly.

Since it was the first year for both the Delta Center and the Jazz Dancers, everything was new. They tried putting together a televised aerobics class to play on KJZZ TV. It never got off the ground. They also held a Jazz Dancer Clinic at Bountiful High School. A lot of little kids (who are now fully grown adults now...) participated and several were chosen to dance at a Utah Jazz game.

It was hard to keep the job, mostly because it didn't pay, and because I ended up getting a position working graves. It's too bad because it was a lot of fun.

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