Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Farmington's Getting A New Gym...

On the west side of the town where I live there are still areas of land where a family, business or municipality can build. The latest structure is taking shape. Yup--we're going to have our very own gym.

Other cities, to the north and south, have built gyms. I guess it's our turn.

Over the years I've driven past that particular plot of ground many times, and before I could drive, I rode my bike on that road.

A lot has changed since I last rode a bike where the new gym is being built.

A lot.

We live our lives as progress surrounds us. Before the land was cleared, before the foundations were poured, it was just a field, probably used for livestock or farming. Few ever gave the space much thought.

Time goes on and someone thinks we need a gym so land is bought, taxes are raised and construction begins. When finished it will be a shiny facility that some will use, but most will probably ignore. Kids growing up near the area will never know a time when the building wasn't there, never know there was once a field where kids shot BB guns at vermin, where other kids rode motorcycles through patches of weeds.

Yes, we're getting a new gym--another sign for some that life just keeps getting better and better. At least, it is for the vermin.

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