Friday, November 6, 2015

There's A Horse In The Field...

"I think there's a horse in the field," I said to the kids after returning home from work.

"Yeah, there is." 

Directly west of our house is a field. It's one of those untouched pieces of land that's surrounded by homes. In the spring, summer and fall the weed-covered land is pretty much ignored, but in the winter, it becomes an amazing local hang out. It magically transforms into a sledding hill.

But this winter, the plastic sleds and inflated inner tubes may have to find a new place to fly. Of course, we have not claim on the hill. The land belongs to our neighbor who puts in so much time getting the hill ready for all the neighbors.

The newest neighbor is in a temporary corral, at least, it looks temporary. The whole thing could be packed up and the horse gone at any time, almost as fast as it arrived. I like having a horse so close. I imagine back in the day everyone had horses at their homes. We live in a town called "Farmington," after all.

Whether or not the horse stays or we have kids fly down the hill, time will tell. One thing I do know, winter is coming.

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