Sunday, November 22, 2015

The 2nd Annual Sunday Before Thanksgiving Knight Family Pie Fest...

When I say I'm the luckiest person I know to have been sent to my family, it's not hyperbole. Most people don't get to choose their family, but I was chosen to become a member of the Taylor and Knight family.

And it's something I've never regretted, something I've never wished could be different. Because my father passed away when I and my siblings were so young, my mother relied on help from her two brothers and their families. We spent a lot of time growing up playing with our cousins, and I cherish our relationships to this day.

Tonight my youngest cousin from my mother's side of the family held an event. It was the Second Annual Sunday Before Thanksgiving Knight Family Pie Fest. And we had a very good time. Last year we kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday week by getting together and doing the same thing. To participate, we just needed to bring our families and a pie. Oh, those pies were so good! The same requirements were held for this year, and once again, deliciousness ensued!

We don't get together like we used's the way of things. We grow up, begin our new families and spend time with them. We hold family reunions not nearly enough and when we do spend time together, we always say we should visit each other more often.

Yes, nearly fifty years ago (to the day...) my parents drove to the hospital and added me to their family. And I've been blessed ever since. Thanks Alicia for the planning and providing the location and the "Monster Game." May you and all of us have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care.

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