Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sycamores...It Just Might Be My Favorite Tree

As a kid, I loved playing in the fallen leaves that fell from the huge sycamore trees that line our main street. It's one of the reasons why I love autumn so much. Sure, there are other types of trees, but as a child, all I cared about was did they have leaves that fell in the fall and could be raked up and jumped into. And for this reason, I think I like sycamores as my favorite tree.

The leaves that fall from sycamores are big, big and crunchy. It's been a long, long time since I jumped in a pile of leaves, a la Charlie Brown. We have pictures of our first two boys in the leaves when they were very small. We didn't have sycamores at my mom's house. The leaves were from cherry trees. Their leaves are not as big, but pretty good.

A few years ago we had some good friends move into a home on Main Street. They have a couple of sycamores in front of their yard and more than enough leaves cover their yard come autumn. What I didn't know about sycamores and fallen leaves is that they're kind of a pain when they're in your own yard. There are so many leaves on these trees that they don't all come down at once. They take their time. So, a homeowner can rake up a ton of leaves and then it can snow. Then more leaves can fall and it can snow again. Leaves and snow is not a pleasant situation.

So to sum up, kids (who don't own real estate with these large trees) love the fallen leaves=sycamores good. Homeowners who have to deal with leaves and snow=sycamores not so good. Maybe I'll have to re-think that "favorite tree" thing...

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