Sunday, November 29, 2015

Last Tuesday Night's Sunset...

Almost a week ago in the skies above the Salt Lake Valley, the firmament became a sea of colors. It was stunning. I was checking out some random Instagram photos this weekend and there were a lot of pictures of the same thing I saw. The sunset moved them to the point where they had to capture the moment on their phones and cameras. It also affected them so much, they had to share.

And so do I. For some sunsets, I'll take out my phone. For others, I'll grab the Nikon. And for the best sunsets, I'll not only get the Nikon, but I'll swap lenses. Last Tuesday night I did all three.

The phone pictures didn't really turn out as I hoped. When the entire sky's aflame, I try and get a panoramic shot. It's too bad it didn't work.

And the other phone pictures didn't fare much better. I couldn't capture the colors. I also don't do a lot of editing with the computer. I'm kind of a "take a picture of what I'm seeing, not what the computer can make amazing" kind of photographer, even though the art created by computers with the talents of others is incredible.

But the Nikon came through. The50- 200 mm zoom sees things that are unreal. The sky was so orange and red when I used that lens. 

But this sky needed the regular 55 mm. I set the perspective to catch as much sky as possible. I snapped a few pictures. I am grateful to live in a place that allows me to capture such beauty, and for a way to share.

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