Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday...Big Brother!

So, the week of birthdays in our family comes to an end. Today is my brother's birthday, one week after my son's and three days after mine. We're all a year older than we were just eight days ago.

Many younger brother's look up to their elder brothers. That's what I did. Growing up my brother was one of the cool kids. He had lots of friends and was very popular. Being two years older my brother was well established as a stud when I entered the hallowed halls of Davis High School as a lowly freshman. Everyone  knew him--especially the girls.

Did I mention he was popular?

I found it kind of bizarre that after a few months of being in high school the most popular freshman girls in my grade were coming up to me and asking me if I was Alan Taylor's brother.

"Yes," I said, sometimes amazed that these girls I didn't even dare to talk to before were actually talking to me. Then, they would say, "Wow! You don't look anything like your brother..."

Then, the dagger.

"You don't look anything like him--he's so good looking!"

I'm not kidding when I say I heard this a lot. 

But it's hard to be mad or stay mad at Alan, and those of you lucky enough to know him understand this. And growing up, there were times he wasn't my favorite person, but those times were few and passed quickly. I'll never forget that as a lowly freshman, my brother--one of the cool kids--took me under his wing and invited me to events, to hang out with his friends. Looking back I sometimes can't believe he did that. I mean, his reputation was on the line and he didn't care. Not every big brother did that. I'm glad and grateful mine did. It did wonders to the self-esteem of a shy skinny kid with seriously fine blond hair.

Yesterday my brother and I were only one year apart, one year as far as the numbers go. Today we're two years apart and all has been restored to its proper order. Thanks Alan for always begin my big brother (in the best and non-Orwellian sense...). I hope you've had a wonderful day!

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