Saturday, November 7, 2015

IHOP's Got Nothing On Centerpoint!

Humans, and by extension, organizations love traditions. I think it's comforting when we know what's going to happen--traditions give us at least a sense of that. There's traditions in religion, governments, businesses and even in theater production companies.

This morning Centerpoint Legacy Theatre continued one of its cherished traditions--it fed the casts of the next show. I should say, if you're one of those "it's too early for anything Christmas" people, you may not like these pictures of a few of the table settings that greeted us when we arrived.

Me and dozens of other friends gathered before our rehearsal and were treated to an amazing waffle breakfast. We had waffle options, topping options, fresh fruit options and even beverage options. 

The theater doesn't have to do this for us, but I know it's something the board enjoys doing. We get a chance to sit with each other, enjoy the food and the conversation and share laughs and stories before the hard work begins.

Our show begins in a matter of days. There's a lot of work yet to do, but for a quiet hour early this morning, a group of people with a singular goal gathered and ate together. Now, I don't mean to necessarily disparage IHOP. They serve great food, but when you have friends serving you a meal as a gesture of gratitude, that's special and not normally found in a chain restaurant. 

Yes, we love traditions--especially delicious ones!

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