Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Stand-Up Bass...That's Really Old

The other day we went to my neighbor's house to rehearse. We've got a Christmas program coming up the Sunday before we celebrate Christ's birth and we need the practice.

I love going to this home. There's many reasons for this, mostly because within its walls music abounds. My neighbor has done something I wanted to do, something I did in the very first apartment my wife and I rented when we were first married. In the main room of my neighbor's house they have on display several musical instruments. In our little apartment we had a trumpet and a trombone, a french horn and a metal clarinet. We got them at the local thrift store and they weren't displayed very well. I thought one day we'd had a house where I could properly show them off.

Turns out, we now have a house, but we've never really found a place to hang all those instruments. And that's okay--it still might happen one day.

But my neighbor, he's got the right room and some amazing instruments, none cooler than his stand-up bass. Since high school I always wanted a stand-up bass. When I was in a rock band, I thought it would be cool to play one, even though I never took lessons or knew how to work the bow. I just think they're beautiful pieces of art. My neighbor's is no exception--it's so cool!

And it's old. It's older than my neighbor, my neighbor's parents and their parents. Just looking at it made me want to know who made it and what tools did they use. I wanted to know how many musicians had strummed its strings, what songs it played and who was entertained by the soulful tones emanating from its cavernous space. 

It's not in the best condition. It's been loved, played and appreciated and I wonder how many more generations will enjoy it. But for now it sits in a space surrounded by musical instruments and beautiful music. It's a fitting home.

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