Friday, February 26, 2016

Dave Butler's "Clockwork Charlie: The Kidnap Plot"...A Book Review

Some say you can learn a lot about a book from its cover. 

What does this cover tell you about the book I'm holding?

A lot, actually.

A few weeks ago I received a book in the mail. Dave Butler's Clockwork Charlie: The Kidnap Plot. I have not read such a delightful read in a long time. Charlie Pondicherry, a boy of Indian descent, begins the story defending himself from Skip, Mickey, and Bruiser, a trio of London street toughs. But these bullies become the least of his worries when Charlie's only parent is kidnapped, an event invoking more questions for our wonderful spunky hero.

Butler transports us into a whimsical steampunk world complete with trolls, fairies, giant rats, and shape shifters. But it's really a story about a brave boy who gathers an unlikely team to rescue his only parent. Along the way they escape burning buildings, underground jails and corrupt policeman who work for the mysterious tall Sinister Man.

I cannot recommend this book enough. With each new chapter the author ups the ante on creativity. It's refreshing. It's exciting. It's fun. The intended target is Middle Grade or Young Adult readers, but anyone--everyone--will enjoy this delightful story. You can pre-order this book right now on Kindle by going to this link: HERE. Both the Kindle version and the hardcopy will be available later this year.

I asked earlier what can a book's cover tell you about what's inside. Even though I love this cover, if it only had the name of the author on it, I would know it's a great read. Well done, Mr. Butler, well done!

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