Friday, February 19, 2016

J. Scott Savage's Steampunk Dragon Blueprint...Frickin' Awesome!

Last weekend I attended a writing symposium. I've attended this particular event for the past three years. When you go so often to these conferences you meet many people, many talented and colorful people.

And one of the most talented and most colorful is an author maned J. Scott Savage. If you're fortunate enough to know him, you know what I mean. I made it a point this year to attend as many panels as I could and the first one I went to was about dragons. I'm going to be putting a dragon in my next story so I wanted to glean as much information on the subject as I could.

Scott was on the panel and he talked about his latest book series which includes a steampunk dragon. He also talked about a poster that he commissioned to show how his mechanical beast would work. Local and incredibly talented artists Devon and Dennis Dorrity created it. Scott was really excited about the finished product. Luckily I was about to get a signed copy and I put it up on my cubicle wall, and when I saw it, I knew why he was so excited. But it wasn't until I was at work that I really got to appreciate just how cool this blueprint was. Just looking at it at works inspires me. 

I've written some steampunk fiction; I like steampunk as a genre. This poster shows how a steam powered dragon might look and function. It's fascinating! If you get a chance to get your hands on one of these posters, please check it out! If you like steampunk, you'll love this work of art as much as I did. Now, I've just got to read the books.

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