Saturday, February 27, 2016

We're Having A Homecoming...Because He Came Home

We've had a great week. It was the first time in two years we had the whole family together. That happens when someone who's been away comes home. In our religion, as with many religions, young people leave on missions.

I don't know how other religions celebrate when their children/parents come home, but for us, we gather, spend time with family (eat yummy snacks...) and listen to them report on their mission. That's what our family will be doing tomorrow morning, in our local church just down the street.

Missions are not normal, if normal is defined as what everyone else is doing. It's not normal for eighteen and nineteen-year olds to live by mission rules 24/7. But, in our culture it is. Now that he's home, many people have asked us about him, how he's doing, what are his plans. They haven't had a chance to talk to him. Tomorrow, they'll get that chance. And they'll know something that we know, something they might have known before but forgotten. He's a pretty good kid.

And we're happy to have him home. We've had a great week.

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