Monday, February 8, 2016

LTUE 2016...Is Coming!


If you're a writer in Utah or the surrounding states, one of the best conferences happens this week in Provo. It's called Life, The Universe & Everything and it's a great great conference. I have been asked to participate and it's a honor.

I'm on two panels. They are:

Learning the Lingo
Professional Development
Christine Haggerty
Scott Taylor, M. Scott Boone, Steve Diamond, Angie Fenimore
POD vs. print run? Net revenue vs. listed price? Galley proof vs. ARC? Content edit vs. copyedit? Understanding common jargon terms is crucial to successful negotiations, contract reviews, marketing plans or publication.


Science Fiction vs. Science Fantasy
Helge Moulding
J Scott Savage, Eric James Stone, Scott Taylor, L.E. Modesitt, Rebecca Moesta
Is there a difference between science fiction and science fantasy? Where does space opera fit in?

I am SO excited to get to know the fellow panelists and the convention attendees. It is such a great place to get to know the panelists. And students are free. Check out all the information: HERE. There's also a book signing event on Friday night and our publisher, Xchyler Publishing has a couple of tables. Drop by and pick up some great titles! And if you go, please find me. I'd love to chat. Hopefully I'll see you there!

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