Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Other Side Of The Room...

I returned from another writing conference last night--a day early. I had a very different experience after this conference. Well, that's not entirely true.

It was similar to experiences I had at conferences and symposiums years ago, back before I ever became a panelist, back when the thought of becoming a panelist would be as difficult as getting published, or training a cat.

At every conference I've attended going back to 2013 I've been fortunate enough to be a panelist. It's an honor to be asked and it's a total blast. You get to meet some amazing people, but I had almost forgotten what it was like to attend as a non-panelist. Many of my author and artist friends had as many as eight or ten panels for this year's LTUE panel.

I had two.

I'm not complaining about the two--they were both fun, informative and I met many great people. But I also took the opportunity to sit and listen to other panelists who have worlds of experience. And maybe it helped that I'm outlining my next project and I soaked up everything that was said. I sat in the other side of the room and listened, took notes and allowed my mind to really think about the art of writing.

When I left yesterday I couldn't wait to get to my laptop and begin hitting the keys. Having that enthusiasm and drive to write was something I had missed. And after all, why go to a conference if you don't feel inspired when you leave?

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