Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Submitting A Screenplay...An Exercise In Trust

Tonight I need to submit a screenplay for our screenwriter's critique group. I'm excited to do it, but there's always that little voice that tells you (or me...) that it's just not good enough.

I know it's for a critique group and it's our job to do what auto mechanics do when they want to learn more about something--they tear it down to its most basic parts, study them and then put it all back together.

Creating anything that didn't exist before (like a screenplay, or even this blog post...) requires several things, one of which is trust. There's a huge amount of trust that's needed for any project to be created and shared. There's entire libraries dedicated to Writer's Block. Those trying to overcome writer's block get lots of advice. Try this, try that, do this, write that. The advice can be useful, but in my experience, overcoming writer's block is a matter of confidence.

And confidence goes hand-in-hand with trust.

So, later tonight I'll e-mail my latest story. It's not my first time; I'm used to the process. Next week we'll meet and go to town. We'll rip it apart and participate in the age-old art of creation. I am excited and hopeful that when we conclude, we'll have something great, something that's the bigger than the sum of our parts. Good thing I trust those guys. 

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