Thursday, February 11, 2016

Once We Built A Snow Couch...

Several weeks ago, after a huge snowstorm my youngest decided to make something out of the snow.

He made a couch.

Now, I know you my be thinking that a couch isn't the toughest thing to make out of snow. I mean, it's not a snowman, or an igloo. It's not a snow cave or some other sculpture, but a couch. After the snowplow came by and with us shoveling several feet of snow off the sidewalk, there were huge snow piles in the space between the sidewalk and the road. And from that snow, my son constructed his furniture.

At Christmas we showed the snow couch to my oldest son who is serving a LDS mission and I thought it would be SO COOL if it were still around when he got home in February. January went by we got a couple more storms. And after each one, my youngest would go out and perform maintenance upkeep on the couch. I was thinking it just might survive for our missionary to see it in person.


The last couple of days have really taken a tole on the little couch. And with temperatures being high again this weekend, I think it could be completely gone in the next day or two.

But, such is life. We work hard, build something, take care of it and it melts away anyway. We might get another huge storm between now and the next ten or so days before he gets home. If it does, I hope my youngest goes out and rebuilds his piece of winter furniture. Because after all that shoveling, it's always nice to have a place to sit down.

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