Monday, February 15, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now...The Smog Is Gone!

Oh what a difference one storm makes! On Saturday I wondered out on the back porch and took a panoramic photograph. What you see is a view looking west. There's the neighbor's field that converts into a sledding run in the winter and the pine trees that line the field. 

What you don't see is much of anything beyond that. You don't see downtown Farmington. You don't see the Great Salt Lake, and there's no way you see any of Antelope Island. You can barely see the sun.

Saturday night/Sunday morning a storm rolled through and cleaned out the air. Today I went back out on the porch and took another panoramic view of the valley. This time, well...there's so much you can see. We get winter inversions every year and every year people complain. I can understand why--it's not the healthiest thing to breathe.

And so today we flew the flag to honor President's Day and the sunset was beautiful. I'm glad I can see clearly now. And so is everyone else.

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