Saturday, March 26, 2016

Time With Friends...

After a convention, I always regret not taking more pictures. I see what others post on social media and I ask myself why I didn't take pictures with those people, because I saw the same people as well.

I think I took less pictures at this Comic Con than I did at any of the previous six cons I've attended. But even though I didn't take many, the ones I took mean a lot to me. 

Everyone who goes to a convention like this does it for various reasons. Some go for the celebrities, some for the cosplay, and others to buy stuff. The reason I go (other than I've been asked to attend and LOVE doing panels...), is to be with friends.

This con was special for me. As I'm developing as a writer, I'm learning so much about what that really means. There were many friends that I didn't photograph from my three days of convention fun. Maybe next time I'll remember to take their picture. Then again, I might be too busy enjoying their company to do it.

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