Friday, March 4, 2016

Royal Pipeline Food Truck...Above The Rest

Oh how I wish I was a food truck connoisseur. I really do. I love the idea that you can take your restaurant with you, take it to anywhere the people are and give them delicious, trendy food. There are several factors for me not being a food truck connoisseur. 

1:  I work downtown and there's not a lot of food trucks around because of all the places you can eat downtown. 

2:  I take public transportation to and from work, so it would be difficult for me to travel and find those trucks.

3:  And perhaps the biggest reason is they can be pricy. I don't eat out at all those downtown places either--I usually pack a lunch. Several food trucks assemble a block away from where I work on Thursdays. I've bought from them twice.

Browsing Instagram the other day I happened upon a food truck that's due this spring/summer in our area. And I LOVE the concept! Not only do they bring the food to the people, it looks like they're bringing the rest of the restaurant, too. It would be so cool if they allowed people to eat on the upper deck. If you want more info on them, you can check out either their Instagram account or their Facebook page: HERE.

I began following the Royal Pipeline Instagram account. I'd like to see how they do. And if I do find myself driving around and I see them parked serving food, I'm going to go check it out.

* All photos taken from Royal Pipeline's Instagram account without permission

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