Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Looking Up...

For the past month, or maybe three weeks, I've been taking a couple of breaks each day to walk the stairs at work. There's six floors on the south side of the building and seven floors on the north side. I go up and down each side twice a day. And because I've let myself go a little bit, by the time I reach the top of Floor Seven, I'm a little winded. 

In fact, as I begin the second set of stairs, I methodically take each step, one foot in front of the other, floor after floor. And I noticed something this afternoon.

I never look up.

When I take the stairs I usually look down at each upcoming step. Sure, it's a safety issue, but occasionally it's good to lift your head and take a look around. The point is, I don't look at the destination. I don't look for the goal. I'm not focusing on the prize. 

Today I looked up to where I was going. I know it's a very simple act, but it actually helped me do the stairs. I saw where I was headed. It made the experience a little better. So many things in our lives are done automatically. We go into "robot mode" with the things we do every day. I'm going to try and look at things differently, have a different perspective with the ordinary. Maybe I can try that with my writing. Who knows what can happen?

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