Monday, March 21, 2016

Some Things I Miss...

A couple of times this past weekend, I snapped a picture and thought, "Oh, that would be a great picture to send to my son."

And then I caught myself, because my son is back living with us. I don't have to send him pictures anymore.

My son has been home from his LDS mission for exactly four weeks as of today. He was gone for two years, and just like that, he's back. While he was away, we got into certain routines. Each Monday, I would e-mail his a letter and I would also send him pictures. Ever since I began posting a Pic Of The Day (for five years plus...), I always had a choice of pictures I could send him. I especially liked sending him pictures of the pets, and our cat Gracie is a natural ham. Most of the pet pictures I sent my son were of her.

So, as I did some writing and editing this weekend, I snapped some pictures of Gracie and thought my son would like to see those. Strange how those routines stay with us.

At work today, I thought about the 104 Mondays when I would wait by my computer for an e-mail. Even though we're so glad he's home, I do sort of miss some things.

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