Saturday, March 5, 2016

I'd Rather Have...

There are many quotes and motivational sayings which remind us to be thankful for what we have. I suppose it's because it's human nature to focus on the negative. Admit it--it's easier. We always want something we don't have, want the better job, the nicer car, the bigger house, the faster metabolism.

But in the end, we have what we have. We are who we are, we live where we live, we drive what we drive, and we eat what we eat (and suffer the circumstances...).

The past couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with the family. We're together again after our son was gone for a couple of years. Enjoying time at home means not enjoying (as much...) time away from home, like at work. I enjoy work--don't get me wrong. It's just not home.

We spent the last couple of days at work cleaning up. We had several file cabinets full of stuff that we needed to clear out. Once gone, it really opened up our end of the building. And since spring is coming on, it's beautiful outside.

Still, a thought came to me, and it reminded me just how lucky I really am. And that thought was:

The best office view...

Can't compare to the view I get when I get home.

And that's completely true.

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