Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Attend Writing Retreats...It's Something Writers Do

I have friends who, from their earliest thoughts and reckonings have wanted to be writers. That's all they ever wanted to do. They have stories--many of them very entertaining--about how when they were young (almost always when they're in their single digit years...), they created their first story. It could have been a story about a dragon coming to destroy their school, or about their first pet and how they loved that puppy more than life itself. The point is, these people had a singular goal: to become a writer.

My experience was much different. I approached writing as an adult (more age than maturity...). I didn't do many of the things young writers do like write stories for the literary projects in jr. high or high school. I didn't submit stories to local newspapers or writing contests. But today, I have done something that writers, many writers do. It's something writers talk about doing, and when they talk about it, they usually praise it for how beneficial it is to the craft they love. Today I'm participating in a writing retreat.

There's a half dozen of us, give or take. We're spread out in a rather large house at the base of a mountain. The home itself has a literary history. International best sellers have been written within its walls. We're hoping some of that successful literary karma finds its way into our WIPs. 

For me, I chose the quietest section in the basement, found an incredible comfortable chair and went to work. Not knowing what to expect, I did not make any word count goals for myself today. I think I will tomorrow. I need to push myself and write...write like the wind.

With a trusted portable heater by my side, words have come. Usually when I write, there's either music or TV in the background. Today, only the warming buzz of the heater and distant sounds of creativity are heard.

Yes, as I've learned more about this obsession called "becoming a writer," I've learned there are things you do. I can now cross "going to a writing retreat" off my list.

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