Friday, March 11, 2016

Brandon Sanderson's "Calamity"...A Book Review


Brandon Sanderson's third book in the Reckoners trilogy Calamity recently came available.

And we bought it.

And it's great!

When I read the first book in the series, Steelheart, I was blown away. Sanderson had created such a unique and amazing world. The baddies were truly bad and the main storyline--superheroes (known as Epics...) who were not good but bad--was fascinating. In each of the previous books, a team of rebels, human with no super powers, must battle foes that seem indestructible. 

In Calamity, the battle is for all the marbles. David, aka Steel Slayer, leads the group to battle perhaps the most power Epic in the transformed city of Atlanta. Sanderson has developed the world and the magic systems so well, we understand how the epics--each with varying levels of power--work together to maintain total control over the humans. Just as the rebels must utilize their individual talents, so must the epics.

David and his group go from one situation of certain disaster to another. I listened to the audiobook version at work and more than once I found myself tapping my fingers on my desk worried for the humans as they battled. There's travels to other dimensions, technology using epic parts of epics, deceptions, twists, and turns.

I would recommend you read Steelheart and Firefight first. There's a lot of stuff you'll need to know before you venture into Calamity. I know some people complain when the third book of a trilogy seems to go "off the rails" and become something different from the previous two. I feel you don't have to worry about that with this book. Sanderson did his usual fantastic job. Calamity is true to the series, a great way to wrap it up.

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