Saturday, March 12, 2016

Centerpoint Theatre's "Beauty And The Beast"...It Brought Back The Memories

This afternoon we loaded up the van and saw Centerpoint Theatre's production of Beauty & the Beast. I knew I would enjoy it--the music alone is fantastic. But what I didn't anticipate was the memories that flooded back to me.

In 2005, the incomparable Jim Christian and Rodger's Memorial Theatre (the forerunner to Centerpoint...) put on the same show. My son and I were fortunate enough to be cast, and we had a Gaston that could have walked right into Disneyland and played the part.

I was casts as an ensemble member and D'Arque.

Oh, and a cheese grater.

My son was cast as Chip.

Here's what he looked like then...

And what he looks like now.

My son and I did a lot of shows when he was younger. He kept acting in school doing mostly Shakespeare productions. Tonight my son and I both watched the show together. I watched new friends in the show and it reminded me of all the wonderful friendships I made in that show eleven years ago.

People go to the theatre (or a movie, or a sporting event...) for many reasons. They mostly go so they can feel something, excitement, fear, joy, pain, basically anything. This afternoon I went to a great show and reminisced. Amazing things happen both on stage and in the audience. I've been lucky enough to experience these things from both sides.

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