Monday, March 7, 2016

If You Like Board Games...Check Out Gangrene Games!

Shoot Your Friends

I have amazingly talented friends. It's that simple. And one of those friends, Craig Nybo, has created a line of board games.

And they're frickin' awesome!

They're all licensed under the Gangrene Games label. You can find out more about them at their website: HERE. Right now, there are three games for you to enjoy, Trash War, Hoagie, and Shoot Your Friends.

Shoot Your Friends 

From the website: Shoot Your Friends is a lightning-fast game that pits opponents across from each other with nothing but a toy gun and a deck of cards between them. Be the first to create lethal combinations of cards on the table to become either the shooter or the shootee. To play Shoot Your Friends, you must have fast reflexes, quick thinking, and an itchy trigger finger.

Shoot Your Friends comes with a deck of cards and an electronic toy gun — complete with laser site and silencer — that makes really cool sounds, everything you need to blast your friends into oblivion.
With easy-to-understand rules, you can go from box to party-time in minutes with Shoot Your Friends, a Gangrene Game.

Trash War

From the website: What goes on in the junkyards when nobody is around? After the metal crushers shut down and the land movers roll back into their hangars, after the underpaid employees clock out and call it a night, that's when the knights arrive, dressed in shimmering armor, impassioned with chivalry and a taste for war. It is in the junkyards where these warriors find the tools for battle. And in the landfills, legends are born.

Dressed in shimmering armor and armed with catapults, makeshift weapons, and plenty of trash artillery, Trash War, a card game of medieval junk-yard combat, pits players against each other in a land-fill battle arena. This fast-paced game moves away from traditional turn-based play. Players follow the action, forming alliances and gutting out grudge matches while attempting to destroy each other's rampart walls.


From the website: It takes an artist to build the perfect sandwich. Can you be the first to collect and stack fresh ingredients into a hoagie masterpiece before the Oogies, a gang of pesky, ingredient spoiling creatures, destroy your fixings?

Hoagie matches players in a goofy kitchen adventure to create the perfect sandwich while spoiling other players' ingredients with the Oogies.
Hoagie is great for the whole family, simple to learn, fun to play.
And, there's a way to help fun their newest game, 

Chops, The Rock and Roll Board Game!

If your family is into games, check out Gangrene Games! It's awesome in a box!

Gangrene Games

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