Sunday, March 20, 2016

Steampunk: Beyond Goggles...A Very Cool FanX Panel!

In almost every writing conference, symposium, and comic con, you'll mostly find a panel that discusses Steampunk. 

There's a good reason for this.

It's because Steampunk is cool--very cool.

Because I've written a couple of short stories in a steampunk world, I was asked to be on a panel and sit with some amazing panelists at this year's Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. Here's who will be there:

And it's being moderated by the great Dave Butler.

When you get a steampunk panel together, I've found that you never quite know what will happen, partially because a lot of what makes up steampunk is based on their own interpretation. Steampunk is a written genre, an artistic movement, and a fashion style. Personally, I think it's because it's still evolving. 

If you're attending this year's FanX March 24-26 and you'd like to know more about Steampunk, check us out Steampunk: Beyond Goggles, Friday, 6pm in room 150G. It's going to be great!

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  1. This sounds awesome! I wish I was going this year. I would totally come to this panel. Have fun, my friend!! -Quinn