Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dan Wells's "Mr. Monster"...A Book Review


Dan Wells's Book 2 in the John Cleaver series is called Mr. Monster. I finished it last week. It took me one day to listen to the whole thing. I know I'm late to the party--it's a six-year old book. That doesn't matter. It's a great read.

Several years ago I began going to writing conferences and symposiums. I had bought Dan's first John Cleaver book, I Am Not a Serial Killer, which I found refreshing. Not that the topic of serial killings if necessarily refreshing, but he brought a new take on the subject and did a fantastic job doing so. When I began going to conferences, Dan would sometimes attend. And if you know Dan, you know he's a great marketer. He was the one with a Mr. Monster tag on his shirt. I remember those tags (and the Mr. Monster bookmark I brought home with me...) as I read his book. 

Since the release of Mr. Monster, Dan's career has reached bounds many of us envy. Dan, at least to the observer, has remained the same calm, laid-back individual with the Indiana Johns hat.

Mr. Monster picks up where I Am Not a Serial Killer left off. John, a teenager who knows he not only has all the markings of a serial killer, but who sticks to ridged rules so he does not become one, has just vanquished the supernatural foe. Soon he becomes captive of another monster bend on John's destruction. 

There's some of the fascinating behind-the-scenes of an operating funeral home that was so interesting in the first book, but not as much. This one focuses more on the monster's method of torture and the victims he's caught.

It's a fast read; it's a great read. It's not too gory, but I'd keep any pre-teens from it. For everyone else, pick it up and give it a read. I think you'll enjoy it.

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