Friday, February 3, 2017

A Prank Of Red...

A few days ago someone who works in my building came around to speak to all of us. I saw him stop a few cubicles away and talk to the cubicle occupant. When he was done, he moved to my area.

"Hey, we're going to all do something tomorrow to prank..." and he gave the name of the co-worker who was to be on the receiving end of the prank.

He continued, "She (a co-worker...) notices whenever people inadvertently wear the same color clothes to work. We were thinking if would be fun if as many people as possible dressed the same tomorrow. Just wear a red shirt and black pants."

Now that's something I can get behind. I just happened to have both a red shirt and black pants (I'd even be able to wear a blue shirt if that was the temporary one-day dress code color, though I was glad it was red...). The worker left and we went back to work.

It's interesting, whenever someone tries to organize something like this, to see how many people will participate. Turns out, it was quite a lot. Around 8am the next morning I heard a commotion over the cubicle wall. It seemed the prank-ee arrived and was blown away. At 9:30am we all went downstairs and took a group picture. If you're looking for me, to quote  R.E.M., that's me in corner (even though I was not losing my religion...).

Yes, a lot of people decided to take part, even though I'm sure many didn't know very well or work with the prank-ee. And, seeing a group of people all wearing red is always a good thing.

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